Monday, February 23, 2009

IBM and other stuff

IBM as at time of writing has broken the 87 level..bottom of the wedge (see previous post) and also AAPL below 89, however better to see the closes. Seems like the market is getting pretty oversold so a short covering rally would not surprise to relieve oversold conditions.

DOW weekly chart...not an elliott wave expert BUT looks like we are in a wave 5...whether this is wave 5 of 3 or a wave 5 we won't know till after the fact. If it is the former, then we still have a wave 4, then a wave 5; if the latter, we should have a decent rally upwards ABC...

Either way looks like the target is around 6500 /6700 for a temporary low for this move.

(see prior post)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


with markets still in indecision mode...looking at IBM to see if any clues as to next move.

Looks like it has been tracing out a flag formation..lower boundary around 87...

a clear break below there would be trouble for the broader market...

obviously a clear break above 99..would be bullish...

we got to the top of the wedge a week ago and immediately open may need to fill before moving lower

Friday, February 13, 2009

FTSE chart

pretty self explanatory..and similar to most other major indices. Still in a continuation formation ( assume bearish formation until proven otherwise). Looks like it may need to test the downward sloping trend line before decision time!

Meanwhile be nimble if trading range!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EURO GBP ....for DAVID L!!

Click on charts to see larger picture

LONG term MONTHLY CHART...Looks like euro could fall against pound..needs to get through .855 first before next support at.8171.

MEDIUM term WEEKLY CHART...also looks like EURO should fall against pound..however close to .855 some support could come in..

SHORTER term looks like Euro has found some support between .855 and .8700 so shorter term we may see some more euro strength before a more sustained down move begins...


If we see a break above the down trend line should indicate start of euro strength...will probably also be result of general strength against $ and JPY....

PS notice how instruments move in all time frames...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

euro jpy another look

Thought that euro jpy had broken down trend but when i looked at the longer term..(weekly) it seems not...we are close...but not yet indecision abounds! DOW also has not broken above down trend yet...above 8170 ..maybe but until then....

more watching and waiting

Euro vs Pound

Are interest rate expectations changing for UK vs EUROZONE? Looks like the weakness in pound vs EURO may be over temporarily. We had the parabolic rise to correcting..funny how the "TOP" was signalled by the "news channels" !! Maybe we get back to 1.23€ to the pound before reversing... maybe..

euro jpy

Green line is DOW, other is EUR/ can see close correlation, and money markets being much larger than equity makes me believe that the movement of EUR/JPY leads the equity mkt. KEY support at 113.71.. abreak below there WATCH OUT BELOW on other hand...a break above that descending trendline may set us up for a larger rally in equities...(in EUR/JPY back to 130 level) stil waiting for the decisive move....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DOW 2 hour

2 hour time frame is one I like to look at for a few days trade...

bit early yet but if it stays looking like this and closes lower could be bearish...

see how it closes!

note to self: remember BEAR market rallies are vicious and short in time...


marking time...dollar to have one more rally? That would tie in with one more down leg in equities..

Most majors seem to be in the "bottoming process" but doesn't look quite there yet..

Trawling some charts..first GOLD

Gold long term still in uptrend...shorter term we had the break out above that descending trend line. Now the move needs to prove itself...normally but not always we will get a retest of the possible 865 max 855 before a RELAUNCH... good news it it seems to have decoupled from the inverse relationship it had with the dollar..

RSI and MACD look to be turning over..

looking to buy on a fall to levels cited..or on renewed push past recent highs.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ski pics...

Some ski pics while I get back in the swing of things...looks like no great decisive moves anywhere..YET. Gut feeling still that we will have a test/break of November lows...but time frame still unclear...but so far the rallies have been UNCONVINCING...

will be looking at a few charts this week...

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