Monday, November 25, 2013

Marriott Marbella Beach Resort Gold Holiday

For sale 1 week Gold HOLIDAY season 2 bedroom. 2 bathroom (sleeps 6)
2012 season still not used.

link to RUSSIAN web site

$ 22,500

 36% off the Marriott Direct sale price!!


If you buy from Marriott direct they list the unit at

Copied from e mail received from Marriott.

"The current listing price as of September 10, 2012 for your 2Bd-2Ba, Gold Holiday season week is $35,500."

Reason for sale: as we live close by we don't use it !! Bought when we lived in the UK.

5* luxurious development.
Close to many GOLF courses
swimming pools, beach, fitness centre, close to Puerto Banus
Wifi, restaurants.

click link for photos and information about the resort.

contact via CONTACT button.

No change in UPTREND ..YET.but some warning signs?


#New all time high !
BUT ..

FTSE seems to be lagging or is it LEADING??  could be froming a bull falg..but surprising with DAX at ATH it hasn't accelerated yet...

INSIDER selling seems to be picking up over last few weeks..sells about 2 to 3 times more than buys
Data from here

Gap up open today..maybe  some PANIC buying finally coming in ? Sign of retail feeling left out?




Bull flag or topping? Weekly chart may give some clues?


Not much clue here still looks like 2 possibles bull flag or double top.. a decisive break above would mor elikely mean NEW ATH as well..

How about monthly?


Monthly LOOKS like a top and possibly important one forming, HOWEVER a MONTHLY chart is LONG term.. best to keep it in back of mind...
RSI starting to show some neg divergence..
Previous tops took over 8 months to form..whipsaw and false breaks up and down.


Thrown in for good measure..
Broken out..
accelerating up..
Only caution is RSI starting to enter overbought, but would suggest at moment no change in trend.

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