Friday, November 7, 2008


This is the "after" view ("before" is in previous post) Now what? Is this a correction of the recent rally ? OR will we head to new lows....difficult decisions...middle of the range....if short then stop would have to be above recent high, if long stop below the OCT lows...BIG range HIGH risk. PERSONALLY - MHO only !! I feel a test and possible break of October lows is on the cards...before we get the TRADEABLE rally (ie 3-4 months) and possibly 25-30 % up move...when will we get to the lows? over next 2 whilst bearish for the short term will be looking at BUYS if we get the break of OCT lows. Other things I am looking at - GOLD a move to below 700 would have me put on buying boots again, and also as a LONG term play - OIL near 50 USD, I would start accumulating

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