Sunday, November 1, 2009

Decision time!

With the big move on Friday, many markets are poised at the edge of the precipice...
FTSE 100,NDX100, DAX, DOW,and EURO.

FTSE broke minor uptrend within larger wedge, so possible move down to 4850/ 4800 on cards.  Key will be if when we get there DOES it break larger wedge?

EURO poised for a break of the large WEDGE...not YET broken..

NDX 100  has been the leader in the rally since March, and HAS already broken down through the major WEDGE formation...IMPORTANT keep eye on this...

DAX is poised on the edge of the wedge  leading index in EUROPE..very similar to NDX 100

DOW  has NOT broken the wedge yet...looks poised for a test approx 9500.

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