Friday, November 18, 2011

DAX daily A look at the CHOP!!

Well July to September was a noce move down and the rally off the lows in October was also a good tradeable move...NOW we are in that circle of CHOP///

Note: Key is preservation of capital...

Personally I feel the bullish scenario will win once this chop is over..too many bears looking for the drop, high VIX (volatility), and  DESPITE the bad news, EU coming to an end,  blah blah blah...we are in a CHOP...

Obviously as in all trading many scenarios could play out...but i give the BULLISH case 75% and the bearish case 25%..

Well it's FRIDAY so not a good day to bet big either way..

Short OIL
Long DAX
Long FTSE (day trade)
Short DOW

DOW DAX spread chart
at  these levels looks good to buy DAX and Sell DOW

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