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Thursday, October 4, 2012

DAX various time frames

The DAX is at RESISTANCE and many BEARS are emerging, but until certain levels get broken it is still in a BULL trend and targeting much higher levels.
Supportive of this is stronger Euro, strong US markets and Central Banks across the globe willing to provide liquidity.
There seems to be a lot of scepticism to this rally so 

DAX monthly

 No change from prior post.  Hit trendline resistance and pulled back. RSI not overbought. Maybe a bit more consolidation to be done, but better to look at smaller time frames for more clues.

DAX weekly

RSI entered overbought and is now pulling back, but so far no dramatic move to downside bodes well for bulls.  A break back below 7105 would be medium term bearish.  Until then probability is market will move higher.

DAX daily

Shows clearly defined trend channel, at present sitting on short term support but GREY area is strong support 7160. Possible to have a "scary" drop to that level, but BULL case would remain intact.

DAX 3 hours

Shows the up trend channel, with what  could be a BULL flag tracing out with current action.  Also shows an earlier bull flag. 

DAX 30 mins (for shorter term trades)

Here the uptrend support line can be seen.  Also it has attempted to break down at least 3 times, so short term if it breaks may get move lower to 7200/.7180 level.  Be aware.  However the formation could also be an ascending triangle which if broken to the upside around 7380 would give a measured target of 7540

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