Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost there?

After the short correction last week, equities have jumped to the upside, and breakouts have occurred in DAX, NDX, and the DOW to name a few.  Notable in it's non participation the FTSE has been a laggard..and may have already completed a TOP..

May need a couple of weeks of distribution...

DAX chart daily

Arrows show possible topping action over next couple of weeks..anything LARGER and may even challenge the all time highs..

AAPL shares have soared and the bullish HYPE is growing which in the end will result in tears for the latecomers to the party.  Momentum s still on the bulls side, but AAPL has gone parabolic and when it ends parabolic moves usually give back a lot of not all of the rise.  For example SILVER..

compare to AAPL now

As with Silver the "analysts" and media extrapolated the recent gains so there was talk of silver going much higher, how silver was indispensable (in industry, health; silver lined fridges, washing machines etc etc).  Compare that to now how Ipads will be needed by everyone.  Problem is no one can see an Ipad alternative..but IT'S OUT THERE !!!

and here's SILVER after the parabolic move topped.



  1. Silver doesn't post sales and profits. You are comparing Apples and.....well, silver. What was the P/E of silver? Oh yeah, it didn't have one.

    That said, Apple may fall back a little, but will continue it's run for the next couple of years. Global economy will determine if it has a quicker 2 year run or a slower 5 year run.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Yes maybe true, but the whole point of charts is it is a reflection of investor's BEHAVIOUR, so doesn't matter about PE etc..
    So the point of comparing the 2 charts silver and Apple is to compare the behaviour/psychology of investors.


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